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About Oversys

We have created an international market of sales opportunities on used equipments for the production of corrugated board packaging.

Oversys was created in 2008 to generate business opportunities for companies of its sector. Since then we have been able to build the widest network of decision makers all around the world.

Wide experience

OVERSYS has a wide knowledge of used machinery intended for production and packaging of corrugated board.

From the beginning, in 2008

From the beginning, we have worked hard in order to find and generate opportunities for all those companies that need to buy or sell a machine with these characteristics.

Reference of the market

We have wide knowledge of the market mainly because we have given it an impulse. As of today, 40% of the machinery for corrugated industry that is sold in the international market, is sold through Oversys.

Marketing + Engineering

The union of our marketing and sales personnel with our team of engineers, have made it possible for Oversys to be the company that it is today. The result of this is reflected in our international implementation.

Service through the entire process

With a personalized attention and efficiency, we guide our clients through out the whole process: not only the trading part of it, but also in all the necessary services for their whole entire experience: dismantling, loading, logistic, instalation, etc.

Oversys Group

OVERSYS is a company specialized in the commercialization of machinery and technology for the production of corrugated board packaging.

OVERSYS counts with an International Sales and Marketing Department widely recognized within the corrugated board packaging industry, for its responsibility, sincerity, experience and efficiency.


It is a company specialized in sale of machinery and technology for the production of labels, folding carton packaging and paper bags. Printics as well as Oversys, extends its contacts worldwide to offer the best machinery on the market.


As an engineering company that provides technical support to commercial companies group such as Oversys and Printics.

Our offices

We attend to you in person and in your language.


United States

800 Roosevelt Road, C 115
Glen Ellyn, IL 60317

E-mail: jpdanna@oversysusa.com
Telephone: +1 484 364 2705



Camino Pokopandegi 11 - 303
20018 San Sebastián Guipuzcoa - España

E-mail: info@oversys.es
Telephone: +34 943 317088



ul. Sobieskiego 11/CD212
40-082 Katowice POLAND

E-mail: gniedbala@oversys.es
Telephone: +48 32 790 8560



Anne Schrön

E-mail: aschron@oversys.es
Telephone: +44 2035 192489



Spyrou Kyrpianou Avenue, 16
H&S Centre, Block B Office 3
6058, Larnaka

E-mail: info@oversysinternational.com
Telephone: +357 99 283157

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