Machinery movement

Integral international management of dismantling, loading, transport, installation and start up of corrugated board industry machinery. 

Oversys offers complete service of machinery movement from place of origin to the point of final destination. 

In order to guarantee the Best service, the engineering department offers planning for each Project that includes:

  • Transport determination, minimizing the risks and required resources. 
  • Installation plans, with indication of preliminary details necessary for the assembly (space, floor and equipment requirements).
  • Dismantling reports, with indication of details of parts and components, electric disconnection of the equipment and its movement to the loading place. 
  • Loading reports with description and register of distribution, loading and conservation of equipment. 
  • Equipment installation made by specialists based on previous study of dismantling and established requirements, securing the best equipment disposition for its correct start up.  Foundation, anchoring, levelling and alignment verification. Supply integration. Adaptations and modifications according to the needs.

Adaption of Equipment to CE standards

Oversys offers equipment adaptation in order to comply with CE Standards of European Conformity verifying the fulfilment of minimal security dispositions that can be applied no matter where the equipment originates from. Oversys can realise studies of the security and health of equipment.

Reparation, Imporvement and Modernization of equipment

Costs reduction and productivity improvements by renewing your equipment.

Our Technical department bases its work on the accumulated experience of its technicians in design, construction and production areas. Oversys evaluates existing capital modernization in order to reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure effective life of equipment by making the most of the latest technology available.

Some realised works:

Retrofit S & S – Register control system with planet gears (renovation) with vacuum transfer and automatic ink and washing systems.

Feeder reinforcement for triple wall cardboard.

Equipment Evaluation Service

Carrying out reports of equipment state and functioning before its purchase.

Evaluation reports include quantitative valuations in order define dimensions, power, capacity and efficiency of the equipment.

Qualitative valuations of functioning product, parts and components state maintenance level. 

Security valuation relative to activating systems, start up, emergency stop, security devices, risks of electrocution, signs, etc.

Valuation of technical documentation, referring to installation plans, electrical schemes, operational and maintenance manuals. 

Valuation of the actual certification of the machine. 

Design of Special Machinery

Improvement of productivity and quality by specific solutions. 

Our Engineering department resolves problems that appear on standard production lines, making automatic production processes with unique characteristics.  

Some realised jobs:

Line for quadruple cardboard production made from two layered cartons.

   Squaring unit.

Die cutter adaptation 66’’ for triple cardboard (heavy duty).


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